We are experts

30 years of P&G Sales Management knowledge
30 years People Development expertise

We‘ve developed more than 4,000 future leaders

Over the past years, we’ve trained & coached more than 4,000 Managers, nourishing their professional and personal growth. Many of them made it to GM-level. We’ve consulted some 40 leading global & regional CPG companies around the world on how to drive profitable growth in saturated (and emerging) markets. As former Procter&Gamble Managers, we believe in taking the harder right and walking the talk.

We are glocal

Our Master Trainer network allows us to offer trainings in any local language in more than 100 countries. Same quality across the globe – in local language.
We also provide Train-the-Trainer modules to enable your employees to become (local) trainers.

We solve the toughest problems

No matter whether you have a business issue in Romania or a price increase in Germany, a trade terms issue in UK or a headcount issue in South Africa – we are here to support you in solving these challenges.

We create tailored sales-tools

We developed tools that can be used by any “reluctant” Key Account Manager, because we know how they think. These tools do the whole analysis work for them – just by pressing a button.


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