In 1997, Daniel Goleman published his book Emotional Intelligence, which launched that powerful concept. He followed it with several related books, such as Working with Emotional Intelligence. This book is the natural outgrowth of Goleman’s ongoing work, so it will be immediately appealing to anyone who found his earlier books useful. However, this volume also deserves to be read on its own account. Goleman writes well. He synthesizes a broad range of thinkers and encapsulates numerous studies smoothly. And two other assets really make the book flow: First, a real sense of Goleman as a person comes through in the book’s numerous personal anecdotes; second, Goleman has a great attitude. He clearly believes in the good in people and wants them to prosper. He cares and that comes through as well. Since part of this book is about the effects of rapport and supportive emotional interactions, these are not minor or casual points; in fact, they illustrate his claims.

You will learn:

  • What social intelligence is;
  • How your interactions with people shape your brain and mind; and
  • How social intelligence benefits you.


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